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Welcome to the Brera Experience content section.

In these pages we have collected the selection of the best commercial activities, those that best represent the identity of this historic district of Milan between design, lifestyle, food, art and culture.
The result of a selection curated by Studiolabo, this constantly updated mapping aims at providing an authentic narrative for discovering the realities, faces and stories that every day go through, live and characterise the Brera Design District.
Brera Experience is a container designed to let you live and share the atmosphere of the district, always accessible from your device, 365 days a year.

The business activities on the platform

The business activities on the platform have been chosen with the aim of giving the public a selection that we believe can best represent the identity of the place.
Since it is a selection it does not aim to include all the players of the district indiscriminately, but to give an overview of the most important and distinctive presences.
However, it wants to be a platform open to exchange, especially in the evaluation of new entries, with the constant purpose of inviting and guiding the public of the Brera Design District in discovering the places, players and stories that make this part of Milan unique and special.

The Brera Experience 2020 Project, which includes mapping several Brera commercial activities and promote them on this website, was carried out thanks to the contribution of the Milan municipality, as part of the promotion of D.u.c. Distretto Urbano del Commercio di Brera.