Brera Design Apartment is the home of the Brera Design District. At number 1 in via Palermo - iconic address of the Brera Design District - in a building from the early 1800’s, a space conceived as a manifesto of the district and platform for communication and relations promoted by Studiolabo comes to life in 2017. A place of meeting and exchange, designed for companies and professionals, it offers a space designed over time and stratified by interventions curated by the various designers who over the years have proposed site specific projects.

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A selection of projects and activities that took place in the Brera Design Apartment.

Interior Design projects

Discover the special projects designed and presented – from 2017 to the present – in the Brera Design Apartment: site-specific interventions capable of interacting with the space and turning it into a unique and timeless place.


Design accessories, furniture and decorative elements, materials and finishings chosen among the best design brands and exhibited in the prestigious setting of the Brera Design Apartment.