Davide Groppi new opening in Brera

Interview with Davide Groppi on the occasion of the opening of the new showroom in via Manzoni 38

MILANO MANZONI 38 is another milestone after other important openings. An ambitious path that narrates the evolution of Davide Groppi light?
The new Spazio Davide Groppi in Via Manzoni is the result of endless work, which began many years ago, on light and on the passion for this work. It is also the starting point for a new look at the sense of experiencing space. For me it is a small miracle, a magic.
It is a place where it is possible to catch unexpected flashes, to suggest unexpected solutions, to point out lost details and, in some way, to propose a reflection on the theme of truth and beauty.

Why the choice of Via Manzoni?
I had long been looking for an ambitious space worthy of authentically representing our work.
I wanted to avoid participating in the usual ritual of the light district, so I looked for something that would represent me in the heart of the city.
I came across Via Manzoni and recognised myself, feeling a sense of belonging thanks also to the work that Brera Design District has been doing for years.

Although this is not the year of Euroluce, we know that you will be presenting some new products on the occasion of the opening of Davide Groppi Manzoni 38. Any anticipations?
We are continuing our work on the theme of lightness, invention, magic and ideography.
Our ideal alphabet expands, thus increasing the possibility of telling new stories of light.

Davide Groppi
—  Designer

Since the late 1980s, starting from a very small workshop in Piacenza’s historical centre, Davide Groppi has been inventing and producing lamps under the eponymous brand name.
Over time, his creative and entrepreneurial independence has enabled him to develop original and recognisable designs, distributed worldwide. Projects that come from the heart and brain, intuitions that emerge from a certain way of being and thinking, where simplicity, lightness, emotion, invention and amazement are the fundamental ingredients.
Davide Groppi’s lamps arise from the need to give shape to a need or a meaning. His inspirations are art, the ready-made, magic, the desire to make things with one’s hands or simply the desire to play and joke with light.


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