Porsche and “The Art of Dreams” Return to Milan Design Week

At Milan Design Week 2024, Porsche makes a spectacular return with a unique celebration of pattern with “The Pattern of Dreams”

Pattern, repetition, and symmetry are at the forefront of Porsche’s return to Milan Design Week, premiering “The Pattern of Dreams” – the fifth iteration of the travelling art and design series “The Art of Dreams.”  

Numen – Courtesy Porsche

First conceptualized in 2021 in Paris, “The Art of Dreams” has travelled to major art festivals, inviting artists to physically realize their take on the motif of dreams. This year, art collective Numen/For Use – led by product designers Sven Jonke, Christoph Katzler, and  Nikola Radeljkovic, together with Croatian architect and scenographer Ivana Jonke – has created a monumental immersive artwork  “Lines of Flight”, inspired by the iconic pepita pattern first exhibited in the Porsche 356 and later in the Porsche 911.  

Coreographers – Courtesy Porsche

“Our idea of a waking dream was always one of a habitable utopia, of an alternative space and a speculative way of life”, says Numen/ For Use. “Lines of Flight” echoes this sentiment in its construction: a lightweight system of thin metal cells forming multiple black and white net structures resembling a flock of birds frozen mid-flight – a vivid image they saw within the monochromatic diagonals of the  pepita pattern.  

Presenting Vitra for Porsche

The overarching theme will be unified through music, design, and dance, as Dutch sibling duo Imre and Marne van Opstal breathes new life into the artwork with original music composition by Amos Ben-Tal in collaboration with Salvador Breed, and a limited furniture edition – Vitra for Porsche – will also be unveiled. 

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