"glo for art" presents FLOWER UP, an installation by Emiliano Ponzi

What happens when the artistic experience of “glo for art” and the creative vision of an eclectic artist capable of experimenting with new languages meet?

In continuation of 2023, glo, BAT Italia’s flagship brand for stick-warming devices for adult consumers, brings to Milan, in its consolidated role as patron of the arts, FLOWER UP, a new site-specific installation signed by Emiliano Ponzi, one of the most renowned artists on the national and international scene.

The work is a further stage in the broad travelling art project “glo for art”, a format created to support art and spread culture, favouring a process of democratisation of the artistic experience. FLOWER UP aims to elevate, through the language of art, the adult consumer experience by reproducing in an artistic way the positive and inclusive spirit of glo with a colourful and aspirational journey.

© Piero Gemelli

The space, entirely conceived and designed by Ponzi, is transformed into a large installation ready to flood Milan with a spirit of positivity.  The result is an immersive, interactive, unexpected installation with a strong technological charge, typical of the new glo HYPER PRO device, intended for an adult audience. A concept that surprises the visitor right from the start, who finds himself immersed in a colourful, moving atmosphere that accompanies him on several levels and environments for an immersive experience.

A large portal invites you to walk through an immersive, technological tunnel where reality and dreams intertwine. At the end of the tunnel, one enters a garden of wonders where an astonishing tree-sculpture encapsulates the true essence of the brand, which aims to provide quality experiences through its positive vision.

© Emiliano Ponzi

The installation will live inside the Gattinoni Hub, in Via Statuto 2, which from 15 to 21 April will be transformed into the glo Hub and will host engaging events and activities reserved for an adult audience.

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