Palazzo Cusani

Via Brera, 13/15
Vecchia Brera

The Cusani family had acquired during the 17th century a property at the Church of Sant'Eusebio, now disappeared: there Agostino Cusani (1592-1640), feudal lord and later Marquis of Chignolo Po, had a palace built during the first decades of the 17th century. Subsequently, the palace was remodeled for the first time (1694-1719) at the behest of Gerolamo Cusani, who commissioned Giovanni Ruggeri to build the new external facade; a second remodeling (1775-1779) was entrusted to Piermarini by Ferdinando Cusani (1737-1815) and involved the internal facade, which was built in neoclassical forms. The palace was sold in 1808 by his son Luigi (1769-1836), ruined by gambling debts, to the State property of the Kingdom of Italy, which established the Ministry of War. Along with this property were also sold the adjacent ones.
It was the headquarters of the 3rd Army Corps Command until 2004 and is currently NATO's representative headquarters in Milan. Since 2012 it has also been the headquarters of the Lombardy Army Military Command.

2019 Brera Design Week Il Mondo Straordinario di Marc Ange
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