The Salone del Mobile.Milano cancelled the 2020 edition but Fuorisalone continues e Brera Design District promote a new communication platform together with Moreover, we are organizing a new event in September involves mainly the showrooms and the most representative places in the district, combining the Brera Design Week experience to the Design Days one.

Brera Design Week gathers the largest number of events and is the most visited district of the Fuorisalone, becoming its epicenter and most representative place. Starting with the 2010 edition of the first Brera Design District, it has been able to increase the number of events over the years from 42 in the first edition to 210 in the last, working with 497 exhibitors for an estimated audience of 400,000 visitors in the 7 days of the event. Today for many Fuorisalone means Brera and Brera Design Week represents its reference platform, open to collaboration with companies and designers thanks to the dedicated project formats.

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Numbers of Brera Design Week


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Report 2019

Thanks to all professionals and visitors who animated streets during the design week, Brera Design District is confirmed over the years as the most visited district with a visible increase compared to past editions. On the basis of data published by Atm and the attendance recorded by individual exhibitors, we have estimated a passage of more than 400.000 people in Brera with peaks of access to single locations over 60,000 units. Events that have joined the Brera Design Week 2019 were 210 with 497 exhibitors including brands and designers and 77 permanent showrooms involved in the circuit.

A theme for every edition

Brera Design District established the Design Lessons Award in 2014 and for each edition has identified a theme to tell and deepen through successful case histories.
The theme is the output of a critical reflection carried out during the Design Days in October - a fundamental moment for defining new trends and scenarios - and, over the time, has become a reference point for companies and partners.

Too much design, little design
A reflection on the world of design. Too much production without thinking about quality and the ability to develop solutions according to a new design culture.
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Design your life
Designing conscious and sustainable of choices for our future.
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Be Human: Designing with empathy
Empathy connects design with life, what is beautiful and useful with human nature, being in tune also with its imperfection.
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Designing is a game, playing is a project
Never stop playing, not even, and especially not while designing.
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Designing is listening
Like music, design starts from listening: listening to functions, materials, objects and spaces. Active listening means interpretation of the world and lead to transformation and guides us towards innovation.
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Project, formation, identity
There is no identity without project and what unites the two expressions of this equation are training, learning, knowledge.
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Be District: creating connections, communicating innovation.
There is no single significant project that is born single, design cannot be born without sharing ideas and practices.
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Be district: craft making and industrial thinking
Design and Craftsmanship, inseparably linked with various and very original combinations, have always been the basis for the success of Made in Italy companies.
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Ambassadors are professionals, designers and researchers who contribute concretely with their work to interpretate the theme of each edition.

District identity

On the occasion of the Design Week, Brera Design District entrusts the promotional image of the district to an illustrator with the aim of developing a representative map and a series of images useful for communicating the event.


A selection of brands and companies with which we have developed projects and a dedicated communication system.