Elena Salmistraro

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Product designer and artist, Elena lives and works in Milan. The harmony of forms characterizes her creations, a mixture of art and design. Her projects have been exhibited all over the world. In 2017 won the prize “Salone del Mobile Milano Award” like “Best Emerging Designer”. Since 2017 was appointed Ambassador of Italian design in the world. She collaborates with many companies and galleries of the sector like Bosa, Alessi, Seletti, Rossana Orlandi, Dilmos, Camp Design Gallery e Secondome.


“Brera is the heart, the true centre, the pure white part of a city that often appears gray and detached, but which after all is full of life, colours and magic. Brera is like a woman, it has a thousand faces, a thousand corners to discover, it is seductive but at the same time it is welcoming and loving like a mother. Brera is like we would like Milan to be”.

Empathy is the ability to understand other people’s state of mind, at least that’s what is written in our dictionaries. Personally I think I am a particularly empathic person, I often identify with someone else and I must admit that I can hardly control my emotions. But the most important thing for me, which I constantly try to express both through my projects and my paintings, and which I consider almost characteristic of my work, is to be able to convey my feelings to others as a sort of reverse empathy“.