Londonart: the place to feel like home with style and inspiration

Londonart: the place to feel like home with style and inspiration

The Londonart showroom, curated by Studio Fantolino, is conceived and designed to provide a truly immersive experience in the world of decoration without losing the home dimension. A constantly evolving space, characterised by great versatility and dynamism, dedicated to finding any design solution through the transversal contamination between art, design and fashion. We talked about this and new projects and collaborations with great designers with Nicola Bottegal, CEO and Art Director of Londonart.

What are the activities that you have planned for 2021?

Our minds are never idle, we have just presented The Daydreamer by Gio Pagani , a catalogue of almost forty unpublished subjects exploring different creative hemispheres. A real journey through time, capable of interpreting graphics and historical periods in a very personal way. For September we have other collections and new projects. But for now I can’t anticipate anything. 

How important is the physical presence in the showroom for you to improve the customer experience? At the same time, how significant is the online presence in terms of corporate identity?

It is very important, even if our wallpapers have a very strong graphic impact, to touch them and realise the quality of the product and the decorative potential. The design of the showroom is meant to be a welcoming living room, a highly distinctive space of inspiration, where you can find design solutions, a place where you can feel at home. The design reflects exactly what I had in mind, the shell has remained the same, respecting what the Gae Aulenti studio was, but with the Fantolino Studio we have done an excellent job of design and research, imagining it as a space in continuous evolution, with great character, regardless of the periodic changes in the display. The client can live an immersive experience in the decoration. At the same time, we have a strong digital presence and have organised activities and webinars, as it should be, adapting to this particular difficult period. Our communication is dynamic and seeks to adapt to every situation in the best possible way.

Speaking of physical presence, how essential is it for you to be present in a historical context such as Brera? What is the added value?

We have been present in Brera for a few years now, first in Via Pontaccio and now in Piazza San Marco at n. 4, and it is extremely important for us to be present in such a historical context. An additional value was being able to create our “home” in a place as prestigious as the studio of architect Gae Aulenti. It was actually a pleasant coincidence, but life is made of coincidences and discovering this place with all its precious history further convinced me that it was the right direction. Our intention was immediately clear, to bring this historic place back to design and to revive it through a flexible and dynamic environment. I want it to become a point of reference, a meeting place and a place for exchange; a theatre and a lounge for relationships rather than just a place to display products.

You have several active collaborations with designers, planners, architects and illustrators, how important is the choice of engagement? How does the combination of several sectors such as fashion, graphics and architecture fit into the different dimensions of living efficiently and harmoniously?

We are constantly seeking to create cross connections that draw from the worlds of industrial design, contemporary art and fashion. The brand identity is an explosive combination of fashion, graphic elements and architecture; materials, fabrics, esthetics and decoration that are combined with functionality and the need for rationality in spaces, for results with great impact. To meet all the needs of designers, architects and interior designers.

How do living spaces influence us and our perception of the outside world?

There is no doubt that it is essential to live in a space that resembles us, beyond the theories developed by neuroscience, this awareness is increasingly widespread. Often this means bringing a green corner or a landscape that evokes something familiar into our homes.

The colour, which has always been part of our lives since ancient times, influences our behaviour and emotions in everyday life and this also plays a key role in interior design. What happens when you find eccentric and unconventional ways to colour your living space? Like your capsule collection by TOILETPAPER, which with its pop tone plays down and contrasts with classic and luxurious interiors.

Londonart’s LUXURY SHIT Collection is TOILETPAPER‘s first wallpaper capsule, featuring the iconic subjects and best-selling photographs taken by Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari. The images chosen for our collection have a vibrant provocative and desecrating charge that combine the patina of commercial photography with pop suggestions, surrealist evocations, sexual obsessions, ambiguities, creating complex orchestrations that ironically show a new exploration of the art world. Each image is born from an intuition, even a simple one, and then becomes a complex composition of ideas, people and objects that build a sort of mental outlet. Each wallpaper has an immediate impact, so as not to get lost among all the others, the colour, the situation keep the viewer magnetized to look at it. So a shower of popcorn, a sea of spaghetti and chips, macro-holed flowers, mirrors reflecting the sky, giant mouths, a gun pouring gold, all become decoration, because everything in the TOILETPAPER world becomes possible and real, everyday and concrete in its absurdity. LUXURY SHIT’s wallpapers adapt to any environment, accentuating the pop and democratic tone of contemporary settings or downplaying, in perfect contrast, classic and ultra-luxury environments. The collection has been a great success and I am very pleased with it, even though it may have seemed a risky choice, the market has responded well to the provocation.

On the design side, when you develop a new collection, do you take market trends into account?

We pay a lot of attention to upcoming trends and fashions, even more than to ongoing ones. We focus on the ones that are in the air. We do in-depth studies and are very influenced by the fashion world. We try to be aware of everything and feel the constant collaboration with creatives from such different worlds as a constant stimulus. We never stop, we have the privilege of making ideas come true and we love to do it at the best that we can. A sequence that embraces everything, an inspiration that draws from different hemispheres of creativity, from everything that surrounds us and that deserves a fresh look, an unexpected vision.

Nicola Bottegal
Nicola Bottegal —  CEO and Art Director di Londonart

Born in 1965, he lives between Vicenza and Ibiza. In the mid-80s he began working as an advertising agent and went on to open his own agency later. In 2011 he approached the themes of design and furnishing, and founded, together with a team of young and valuable collaborators, Londonart: a laboratory of ideas that creates exclusive wallpapers. Today he is the art director and designer of the company that boasts multiple collections and which collaborates with the most important national and international designers. Thanks to the tenacity and creative vision of Londonart, which involves art, fashion and music, today it is considered a reference brand in the sector.

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