C&C Milano: a combination between history and contemporaneity

C&C Milano: a combination between history and contemporaneity

The new C&C Milano showroom is the result of careful planning between the internal team and Architect Piero Castellini Baldissera, art director, partner and co-founder of the company.
A return to its origins, in the old Brera area, the showroom aims to become a contemporary point of reference around the world through the synergic work of decorators, planners and designers. A riot of colours, patterns and trimmings let you enter the C&C Milano world through emotions. We talked about this and much more with Gigliola Castellini Curiel, the company’s Sales and Marketing Manager.

What are the activities that you have planned for 2021 ?

We will take part in the main events and trade fairs

How important is the physical presence in the showroom for you to improve the customer experience? 

Physical presence is undoubtedly important; in choosing fabrics the sensory aspect can be fundamental and decisive. Fabrics and colors speak the language of emotions: feeling, touching, letting yourself be carried away by the softness or materiality of textures projects the decorator in an ideal world in which the project takes its shape.

how significant is the online presence in terms of corporate identity?

The digital or social relationship with users, even if less direct, increases accessibility to the product. For this reason we are developing the virtual reality experience through the creation of new websites and the increase of ‘social’ activities.

Speaking of physical presence, how essential is it for you to be present in a historical context such as Brera? What is the added value?

Brera, with its wealth of art, beauty and history, has been from the beginning of our activity the ideal context where we want to be placed. We think it brings the perfect atmosphere to express your individuality and creativity.

The desire to experience more of the outdoors was a consequence of the current health emergency: balconies, terraces, courtyards and gardens are places whose importance we have recognised. From a production point of view, are you focusing on the outdoors? Have you noticed an increase in demand for this product category?

The contract sector has for some time been increasing its importance especially in our field. Open spaces, gardens, and everything related to the world of nature, represents for us not only a source of inexhaustible and fundamental inspiration, but also an essential and unmistakable path for the future of the Company.

How important is colour research in your production processes? And how do you work on this aspect for different projects? 

Colour accompanies us in our everyday thought and life. It’s a font of inspiration, part of our existence, and it affects our perceptions and moods. The identity of each new collection is expressly defined by the colors that compose it. Color and sustainability go hand in hand and represent both a background and a point of arrival: our origins, our present and future, what defines us. Coloring any kind of environment with style, but above all with a sustainable approach: we believe that either dressing a whole house or a public space will always be our main ambition.

Gigliola Castellini Curiel
Gigliola Castellini Curiel —  Sales e Marketing Manager C&C Milano

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