The Church of St Febronia

Hidden among the buildings of Corso Garibaldi are the remains of the former Church of Santa Febronia.

‘A small church with a single altar’ is how it was described in 1738 by the priest Serviliano Latuada.
The small 17th-century church dedicated to Saint Febronia, a Christian martyr, was erected in 1644 at the behest of the priest Francesco Maria Grasso so that young girls under the age of 12, the daughters of prostitutes or orphans, could be rescued to prevent them from being led astray.
In 1784, the oratory and church were suppressed and the resident girls transferred to the Stelline.

The little church was not of great architectural value, it had a single hall divided into two sectors by an arch, the main altar opposite the entrance (the profile of which can still be seen today), and the nave with three altars and three windows at the sides.

Once deconsecrated, the building was used as a warehouse until the Second World War when it lost its roof and covering.