Buffalo Bill in Milan

Buffalo Bill, William Frederick Cody, was born in 1846 in the state of Iowa.
From an early age, he showed his great passion for horses, and at the age of only fourteen, he became involved in the Pony Express company, the horse mail service.

He moved to New York in 1872 and became famous and popular thanks to the writer Ned Buntline who had in the meantime put him at the centre of a number of novels featuring him in numerous adventures. So Bill took advantage of this to launch himself into show business with the intention of setting up a real ‘Wild West Show’, a kind of circus.

In 1890, Buffalo Bill brought the ‘Wild West Show’ to Milan. He staged the Battle of the Little Bighorn: the armed clash between some tribes of Indians and the US cavalry.
It took place at the Civic Arena for seven consecutive days.
Buffalo Bill brought with him his 180 horses, 18 bison as well as mules, elk and deer.