Via Fiori Chiari, 24a

District area: Vecchia Brera
Opening hours

By appointment only


The showroom, set in the context of the historic Brera district, opened its doors in spring.

A cosy but dynamic container for furnishings and installations in progress, a fluid and inclusive space in constant dialogue with art and its surroundings.

The colour palette of its interior, ranging from delicate powder pink to dove grey, contrasts harmoniously with the external materials - glass and painted steel - of the building that houses it, designed by architect Mario Bellini.


The circular elements present in the space, starting from the entrance, trace the subtle fil rouge of hospitality: round shapes that recall the idea of connection and comfort, like the new Saba proposals.

The works chosen for this first installation speak a vocabulary that is similar to ours in terms of material, geometry, sensitivity and colour.

"" is the title of the works on the walls designed by Ilaria Franza., like the infinite that surpasses the gaze, becoming a horizon, an interior landscape that changes in a continuous cycle, made up of gestures that, by repeating themselves, transform the perception of the object itself.

A path similar to the way we imagine our projects, made to be loved for a long time, because through their infinite possibilities of change, they keep seduction alive. They have the power to recreate geographies by transforming themselves, and in this we see poetry and magic.


Opening hours

By appointment only


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