From stationers to art workshops in Brera

How many of us are attracted by that good smell of tempera and paper trapped within the walls of stationery shops and art workshops? Brera is the perfect destination for this. Finding unique tools and endless inspiration is easy among the streets of the district that has hosted the most important artists of past and present centuries.
Every item purchased in these art shops and stationery stores acquires added value precisely because it is in Brera.

📍Pettinaroli –  Via Brera, 4
📍Crespi – Via Brera, 28A
📍Fabriano Boutique – Via Ponte Vetero, 17
📍Rigadritto – Via Brera, 6
📍Pellegrini Bottega d’Arte – Via Brera, 16

Valcucine Riciclantica Outline - The kitchen with the protected edge

Mappa dei luoghi

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