Brera Design Days is an event stemming from Studiolabo’s desire to give life to a second moment of the year - in addition to the Design Week - in which design is again leading character in Milan to promote the design culture and a critical debate between insiders. Brera Design Days is a participatory festival that counts on the collaboration of several players as cultural and economic partners and a committee, composed by curators dedicated to the development of specific themes. Seven days of meetings, talks, exhibitions, events and workshops open to the public with free access, widespread in various locations and showrooms in the district.

Numbers of Brera Design Days


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Report 2019

The fourth edition of Brera Design Days ended on October 10th. More than 3000 people participated in over 70 events in the Brera district. More than 140 guests - designers, researchers, architects, entrepreneurs and journalists - came together to explore the potential of design and technology in our lives and in today's society. We discussed a lot during seven days of the festival, addressing various topics: artificial intelligence, design thinking, service design, community, digital marketing, design and gamification main ones. But not only talk, the festival also involved citizens during professional workshops, exhibitions, children's activities and book presentations.

A theme for every edition

Brera Design District identifies a theme to be told and deepened through successful case histories.

Today more than ever it is essential to standardise and do networking, trying not to isolate the country in anti-economic, poorly productive and – let’s face it – extremely boring dynamics.
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Be Human: Designing with empathy
Empathy connects design with life, what is beautiful and useful with human nature, being in tune also with its imperfection
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Designing is a game, playing is a project
Never stop playing, not even, and especially not while designing.
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Designing is listening
Like music, design starts from listening: listening to functions, materials, objects and spaces. Active listening means interpretation of the world and lead to transformation and guides us towards innovation.
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Location Partners

The events of the Brera Design Days animate different locations in the district with talks, workshops and exhibitions over 7 days dedicated to the culture of the project.


A selection of brands and companies with which we have developed projects and a dedicated communication system.