Brera Design District Brera Design District is a project by Studiolabo
Con il patrocinio del Comune di Milano

Brera Design District is Italy’s most important district for the promotion of design, an international point of reference and a centre of Milan’s creative, commercial and cultural development.

The initiatives that animate Brera Design District derive from an organised system of territorial marketing strategies managed by Studiolabo. The aim is to bring together and promote businesses in the furnishing sector and professionals in contemporary industrial design, while benefitting from the area’s historical and artistic resources.

Brera Design District is committed to implementing the design sector by supporting its strengths: attention to detail, artisan tradition, the art of making, and a capacity for planning. At the same time it also proposes a more advanced model of development and dissemination, by using the strategic tools of contemporary industrialisation: distribution, promotion, communication and connectivity.

By connecting with the district, companies reinforce their identity and diffuse their products and services in a manner that is widespread and of great impact.If from a strictly productive viewpoint the long artisan tradition is an added and driving value in the design sector, the strategic thinking of an industrial kind means that the Brera Design District brand allows companies to connect at a greater speed, and to reach productive businesses on an international scale.

Because of the role that Brera Design District plays and the contribution it makes to the promotion of Milan as a point of reference and an international showcase for the design system, it is supported by several institutions and authorities: under the auspices of the Municipality of Milan– Assessorato Cultura, Moda e Design, Assessorato Commercio, Turismo, Attività produttive e Marketing territoriale, AIS/Design - l’Associazione italiana degli storici del design. ( Culture, Fashion and Design Department, Territorial Production and Marketing Activities, AIS/Design - Italian Association of Design Historians)



The Milanese company Studiolabo has been active in the area since 2003. Concerned with communications and concept design, the company provides consultancy, design and graphics projects (websites, applications, etc.) and studies and manages the production and promotion of events for business or cultural dissemination, operating in the sectors of design, interior design and art. It offers services that aim to develop a network and share know-how between companies, professionals, and communications agencies working in the sector.


Created in 2002, the web platform is the only official search engine. It allows users to find out about exhibitors in the city and the programme of events planned for the Milan design week. also offers interactive tools for users and participating companies and designers, as well as in-depth information and ideas. It is a container for the shared historic and collective memory of all the editions and events.


Milano Design Network is a hub of experiences and projects developed over the years by Studiolabo around the broad theme of Design. It is an integrated system for clients, enabling them to discover, promote and plan communications activities and marketing strategies tied to the Design world. To its credit it has 12 independent projects, a community of 35,000 reached users, and a network system with universities, research centres, businesses, publishers and operators in the fields of design, fashion, real estate and art.


Michele De Lucchi

"Brera has the charm of the artistic district of Milan and has a personality a bit 'Parisian bohemians. When you walk through its streets, especially in April during Fuorisalone, you can breathe quirky, young and international atmosphere."

2017 Edition - Michele De Lucchi

Tony Chambers

"Fashion Weeks are so exciting, they are very glamorous, but the Milan Design Week has an edge, because it combines all forms of creativity"

2017 Edition - Tony Chambers


"For us, Brera is an iconic place that has also inspired lots of childhood memories. Today, Brera is increasingly interlinked with design and we think that this latest development has occurred while respecting the neighbourhood’s unique creative soul, actually, it’s brought in a new burst of vitality."

2017 Edition - Studiopepe

Chiara Luzzana

“Brera is music even before you start composing it. Thanks to its sound nuances, to the contrast between an eccentric nightlife and mornings permeated with artistic passion, I was able to create Milan’s soundtrack. I walked through the streets of the city at dawn, listening and recording silence and life being born, and among the voices of students full of ambitions and hopes I found the sense of Milan: a snap shot between past and present catching the city into my ears like a future yet to be listened to.”

2016 Edition - Chiara Luzzana has recorded lots of sounds in Brera Design District for her project "The sound of city"

Dimore Studio

“Brera has remained a small district in the city centre where everyone knows each other and that during the Salone becomes a wide pedestrian area with huge numbers of people walking through its small alleys. For over 10 years now we have been exhibiting in via Solferino having the great fortune of feeling the international creative and positive energy which spreads around on the street during those days."

2016 Edition - DIMORESTUDIO (Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran)

Matteo Thun

“Brera is my home. I have been living and working here for 30 years. It is the dinners at Latteria di San Marco, symbol of the simplicity of Italian cuisine and the chats at the news stand, one of the oldest in Milan, that make me feel at home here. During the Fuorisalone Brera is enlivened by lots of people, creativity, life, and this creative and effervescent atmosphere. We are a big family here in Brera that during the Fuorisalone it grows even larger...which is beautiful!”

2016 Edition - Matteo Thun

Luca Nichetto

“Brera Design District is Fuorisalone's most interesting area, for it centers everything in the heart of Milan. I've decided to be part of the Brera Design District project not just because i'm interested in creating an event, but because I really want the public to feel the climate and the atmospheres created by the entire district. A blend of melting-pot, historical buildings, apartments, courtyards and different places, that otherwise people would not have the chance to visit.”

2015 Edition - Luca Nichetto has been showing at the Brera Design District with the brands: Kinnarp (Largo Treves 5), Verreum (vai dell’Orso 12) and Foscarini Spazio Brera (via Fiori Chiari 28)

Patrick Tuttofuco

“Brera is the place where my generation and I were taught. It was my “dojo”, my training place. I wanted to bring up a project about identity and my personal history, so after so many years spent abroad it came natural to me to choose the Brera Design District. I was sort of being sentimental, like when you decide to go far away to visit a beloved relative you haven't seen in years.”

2015 Edition - Patrick Tuttofuoco has been showing its “Mom and Dad” at Piazzetta Brera during the Fuorisalone week.


"Brera is a place full of suggestion. It's where our firm is based, in a former printing house, now a two-floor open space located in the middle of a courtyard full of history, where we run an international team of 40 architects and engineers. The Fuorisalone in the Brera Design District benefits from a unique environment and positive influence, contributing to making even more central this area of Milan: undoubtedly, the right destination for the highly valuable projects by those who wish to deliver the public a story of high quality."

Aldo Cibic

“My opinion of Brera may be somewhat biased because I’ve always had my home and studio in this area since I came to work in Milan at the end of the 1970s. For this reason I can consider myself to all effects a witness as to how this part of the city has changed in these years and why I still like living here.
I find the decision to formalise ZONA BRERA an operation that has more clearly defined a polarity and its characteristics, which in addition to the specific fact relating to design, carries on a virtuous process of enhancement of the city so that those who live and work in the “Brera district” perceive a greater sense of belonging and have every reason for continually raising the quality of the district and of what it offers.”

Aldo Cibic proposes a personal reflection on the theme of 2014 edition, emphasising that “we are living in times of big change where project culture is being questioned at various levels, including that of design. If we want to think about the future we need to look at the past to understand what was good and interesting, what we can find useful once more; we need to try to understand our times and the hierarchies of needs that our capacity for design can try to satisfy".

Edizione 2014 - Aldo Cibic’s works were exhibited at the Galleria Antonia Jannone, Giuseppe Garibaldi 125 in the Brera Design Distric

Giulio Iacchetti

“When I arrived in Milan the Brera district represented an escape from the suburbs where I lived, a place where you could spend a pleasant afternoon among the famous picture gallery and the fine shop windows. Perhaps in those narrow streets, that impose a slow pace, I was able to re-live the atmosphere of the town that I had left for my Milanese adventure.
Over the years I increasingly discovered the sobriety and elegance that distinguish the district, the design displays of its showrooms were (and still are) an open catalogue whore you can find out and learn from the school of the big brands.
Brera is a collection of values, beauty and design: the old craft workshops have given way to those who today think and design craft. In the district you see a concentration of professional studios of established and young designers, architects, graphic artists and illustrators… this fact too is a sign of sincere vitality.

“Brera represents a unique part of the city; there you are sure to find ideas, projects, visions that provide the most genuine and authentic spirit of designing today in Milan”

Giulio Iacchetti’s works were exhibited at ASAP, Garibaldi 104 in the Brera Design District


In 2013 Brera Design District received two important acknowledgements from abroad, when it was selected by the Dragon Design Foundation as a case history for the conferences of the World Green Design Forum a Yangzhou 2013 and the China Beijing International Fair for Trade in Services 2013 in Beijing.

In addition, theUniversity of Design of Santiago del Cile, selected Studiolabo as the only international communications agency to present the case histories of the and Brera Design District platforms as part of a series of events linked to the Mese del Design del CNCA Design Month.